ECE470S - Robot Modeling and Control

Last modified January 8, 2017


Manfredi Maggiore GB437 maggiore (at)

Teaching Assistants

Zach Kroeze zach.kroeze(at)
Matin Macktoobian matin.macktoobian(at)
Andrew Romano andrew.romano(at)
Sajad Salmanipour s.salmanipour(at)


Day and Time Room
Mon 15-16 BA1190
Wed 15-16 BA1190
Fri 9-10 BA1190


Spong, Hutchinson, Vidyasagar, Robot Modeling and Control, Wiley, 2006

Note: previous editions of this text are not compatible with this course

Additional Reference Text

  • J.J. Craig, Introduction to Robotics, Modeling and Control, Prentice Hall, 3rd ed, 2005

Course Outline

  • Classification of robotic manipulators and common kinematic arrangements
  • Rigid motions
    • Rotations, rotational transformations, and their parametrizations
    • Composition of rotations
    • Homogeneous transformations
  • Forward and inverse kinematics
    • Kinematic chains and forward kinematics
    • Denavit-Hartenberg convention
    • Inverse kinematics
  • Velocity kinematics
    • Angular velocities; addition of angular velocities; linear velocities
    • Geomeric and analytical Jacobian
    • Static relationship between end effector forces and joint torques
    • Inverse velocity and acceleration
    • Kinematic singularites
  • Path planning using artificial potential fields
  • Independent joint control
  • Dynamics
    • D'Alembert-Lagrange principle and Euler-Lagrange equations of motion
    • Equations of motion of a robot
  • Multivariable control
    • PD control with gravity compensation
    • Feedback linearization in joint and task spaces
    • Adaptive passivity-based control

Midterm Exam

Monday, March 6, 6-8PM, EX310

Composition of Final Mark

Labs 20%
Homeworks 5%
Midterm 25%
Exam 50%


Section Day and Time Dates
TUT01 Mon 10-12, WB342 Jan 23, Feb 6, Feb 27, Mar 13, Mar 27, Apr 10
TUT02 Mon 10-12, WB342 Jan16, Jan 30, Feb 13, Mar 6, Mar 20, Apr 3

Homework Assignments

There will be four to six homework assignments. Each submission will be given full credit (1 out of 1), independently of its correctness, provided that it is clearly legible and reasonably complete. Messy or largely incomplete assignments will not be given credit.

Laboratories (BA3114)

There are four labs in this course. They are performed in groups of two students. You'll form lab groups at the first lab session.

All labs require a preparation and a report. Each lab group submits a preparation at the beginning of the lab. One week after the lab, each lab group submits a lab report in box (TBA).

There are no make-up labs. You are not allowed to switch lab sessions.This is a strict policy. The TA will mark down the attendance.

Section Day and Time Lab 1 Lab 2 Lab 3 Lab 4
PRA 01 Thu 9-12 Feb 9 Mar 2 Mar 16 Mar 30
PRA 02 Thu 9-12 Feb 16 Mar 9 Mar 23 Apr 6
PRA03 Wed 9-12 Feb 8 Mar 1 Mar 15 Mar 29
PRA04 Wed 9-12 Feb 15 Mar 8 Mar 22 Apr 5
PRA05 Fri 12-15 Feb 10 Mar 3 Mar 17 Mar 31
PRA06 Fri 12-15 Feb 3 Feb 17 Mar 10 Mar 24


Tue 12-15 Feb 7 Feb 28 Mar 14 Mar 28
PRA08 Tue 12-15 Feb 14 Mar 7 Mar 21 Apr 4