ECE557F - Systems Control - General Information

Last updated September 7, 2017


M. Maggiore GB437 maggiore (at)

Teaching Assistants

Andrew Romano

andrew.romano (at)

Farzad Salehisadaghiani farzad.salehisadaghiani (at)


Day and Time Room
Mon 2PM-3PM MP137
Wed 2PM-3PM MP137
Thu 2PM-3PM BA1130

Course Notes

You can download the course notes from the Course Documents section on the University of Toronto webportal. The notes are self-contained and serve as a textbook for this course.

Reference Texts

If the course notes are not sufficient, you may consider consulting one of these references:
  • C.-T. Chen, Linear Systems Theory and Design, Third Ed., Oxford Univ. Press
  • Brogan, Modern Control Theory, Third Ed., Prentice Hall
  • P. Antsaklis, A. Michel, A Linear Systems Primer, Birkhäuser Boston
  • S. Axler,Linear Algebra Done Right, third edition, Springer

Course Outline

  • Introduction to LTI systems; Relationship between state-space and transfer function representations
  • Linearization around equilibria
  • Solution to linear autonomous differential equations
  • Phase portraits and qualitative properties of second-order linear systems
  • Stability of LTI systems
  • Linear algebra review
  • System controllability and stabilisability
    • Controllability definition and characterisation
    • The Kalman controllability decomposition
    • The pole placement theorem
    • PBH test and stabilisability
  • System observability
    • System duality
    • Observer design
    • The separation principle
  • Linear quadratic optimal control
  • Tracking and the output regulation problem

Midterm Exams

Midterm 1 October 12, 6-8PM, SF3202
Midterm 2 November 17, 6-8PM, GB405

Composition of Final Mark

Labs 15%
Homework assignments 5%
Midterm 1 15%
Midterm 2 15%
Exam 50%


Tutorials are on Tuesdays, 6PM-7PM, in MP134. They begin on Tuesday, September 12

Laboratories (BA3114)

You will perform four labs in this course. The first lab familiarizes you with the equipment the software platform.

Labs are performed in groups of two or three students. You'll form lab groups at the first lab session.

You can download the lab files at the Course Information link on Blackboard

All labs except the first one, require a preparation and a report. Each lab group submits a preparation at the beginning of the lab. One week after the lab, the lab group submits a lab report.

There are no make-up labs. The TA will mark down the attendance.

Section Day and Time Lab 1 Lab 2 Lab 3 Lab 4
PRA 01 Fri 3PM-6PM Oct 20 Nov 3 Nov 17 Dec 1
PRA 02 Fri 3PM-6PM Oct 13 Oct 27 Nov 10 Nov 24
PRA03 Tue 9AM-12PM Oct 10 Oct 24 Nov 7 Nov 21
PRA04 Tue 9AM-12PM Oct.17 Oct.31 Nov 14 Nov 28