Technical Reports

Report Number Author(s) Title Date
1201 K. Kvaternik, L. Pavel Analysis of Decentralized Extremum-Seeking Schemes - Download paperJanuary 2012
0701 B. Roszak, E.J. Davison Tuning Regulators for Tracking MIMO Positive LTI Systems - Download paperJanuary 2007
0502 S. Lam, E.J. Davison Real Stability and Stabilizability Radii of the Multi-Link Inverted Pendulum System - Download paperMay 2005
0501 R. Milman, E.J. Davison Disturbance Rejection Using MPC With Unmeasurable Extended Disturbances Which Have Unknown Structure May 2005
0401 C. Nielsen, M. Maggiore On Global Transverse Feedback Linearization - Download paper July 2004
0302 L. Consolini, M. Maggiore Robust Output Feedback Tracking With a Matching Condition - Download paper August 2003
0301 M.E. Khatir, E.J. Davison Cooperative Control of Large Systems March 2003
0204 R. Becerril-Arreola, M. Maggiore Modeling of a Three Degrees-of-Freedom Magnetic Levitation System - Download paper September 2002
0203 M. Maggiore, K.M. Passino A Separation Principle for Non-UCO Systems - Download paper August 2002
0202 M. Maggiore, K.M. Passino A Separation Principle for Non-UCO Systems: The Jet Engine Stall and Surge Example - Download paper July 2002
0201 R. Milman, E.J. Davison A Proposed New Non-Feasible Active Set Method with Applications to Model Predictive Control August 2002
0104 S. Hashtrudi Zad, R.H. Kwong, W.M. Wonham Fault Diagnosis in Discrete-Event Systems: Incorporating Timing Information December 2001
0103 R.J. Leduc, W.M. Wonham, M. Lawford Hierarchical Interface-based Supervisory Control: Bi-level Systems -Abstract November 2001
0102 W. Liu, E.J. Davison Servomechanism Controller Design of Web Handling Systems August 2001
0101 M. Jin, E.J. Davison Optimal Self-Tuning Controller Design Applied to MARTS August 2001
9904 E.J. Davison A Multivariable Identification Algorithm for LTI Systems December 1999
9903 A. Aghdam, E.J. Davison Decentralized Control of Systems, Using Generalized Sampled-data Hold Functions July 1999
9902 A. Aghdam, E.J. Davison Decentralized Switching Control Using a Family of Controllers Approach February 1999
9901 R. Milman Pressure Control of a Ring Header - Download paper February 1999
9802 P. Chen, W.M. Wonham Real-time supervisory control of a processor for non-preemptive execution of periodic tasks - Download paper October 1998
9801 M. Chang, E.J. Davison Adaptive switching control of LTI MIMO systems using a family of controllers approach March 1998
9705 K.C. Wong On the complexity of projections of discrete-event systems December 1997
9704 L. Ben Jemaa, E.J. Davison Performance limitations on the robust servomechanism problem for sampled LTI systems November 1997
9703 S. Mirabbasi, B.A. Francis Johnston filters and optimal SNR in maximally decimated filter banks May 1997
9702 M. Lawford Model reduction of discrete real-time systems - Abstract and Download May 1997
9701 E.J. Davison Study of Bayer distillation column control problem March 1997
9610 S.L. Chen Control of discrete-event systems of vector and mixed structural type - Abstract and Download November 1996
9609 B. Boulet Modeling and robust control of large flexible space structures - Abstract October 1996
9608 R.H. Kwong, L. Zhu A stochastic framework for discrete event systems October 1996
9607 T. Chun Diagnostic supervisory control: A DES approach - Abstract August 1996
9606 Y. Zhang Software for state-event observation theory and its application to supervisory control - Abstract July 1996
9605 L. Ben Jemaa, E.J. Davison The perfect robust servomechanism problem for sampled LTI systems - Abstract April 1996
9604 T.N. Chang, E.J. Davison Characterizations of infinite transmission zeros of linear multivariable systems February 1996
9603 S. Mirabbasi, B. Francis, T. Chen Controlling distortions in maximally decimated filter banks - Abstract March 1996
9602 R. Leduc PLC implementation of a DES supervisor for a manufacturing tested: An implementation perspective - Abstract and Download January 1996
9601 A. Langari, B. Francis Robustness analysis of sampled-data repetitive control systems - Abstract January 1996
9511 S. Mirabbasi, B. Francis, T. Chen Input-output gains of linear periodic discrete-time system with application to multirate signal processing - Abstract August 1995
9510 S.M. Postma, R.H. Kwong Recursive implementation of a robust identification algorithm March 1995
9509 Y.Z. Hu, E.J. Davison A study of the stability radius for descripter systems June 1995
9508 E.J. Davison CAD of controllers for the servomechanism problem subject to control signal saturation constraints June 1995
9507 M. Chang, E.J. Davison Logic based switching control of a family of plants June 1995
9506 H. Shu, T. Chen, B.A. Francis Uniformly optimal design of hybrid multirate filter banks - Abstract May 1995
9505 T. Chen, B.A. Francis Design of multirate filter banks by H_infinity optimization - Abstract May 1995
9504 M. Chang, E.J. Davison Robust adaptive stabilization of unknown MIMO systems using switching control Mar 1995
9503 H. Zhang, E.J. Davison Direct computation of infinite transmission zeros Jan 1995
9502 M. Chang, E.J. Davison Control of unknown MIMO systems using PID control Feb 1995
9501 M. Chang, E.J. Davison Switching control of a family of plants Feb 1995
9412 R.B. Kraft, S.A. Bortoff Estimation of link-travel times from transit route data Jan 1995
9411 J. Raisch Analyse und synthese einfacher hybrider regelsysteme Sept 1994
9410 Y.Z. Hu, E.J. Davison Position tracking and force control of robot manipulators with a descripter system model, Part II July 1994
9409 T. Chen, B. Francis Design of IIR QMF banks by H_infinity optimization - Abstract July 1994
9408 F. Charbonnier, B. Brandin, H. Alla, C. Foulard Commande par supervision d'un atelier flexible July 1994
9407 K.C. Wong Discrete-event control architecture: An algebraic approach - Abstract and Download July 1994