Download Help Page

Selecting Direct Download

If you simply click on the download link, the file will be displayed on your screen. This seems to corrupt the file. If you use netscape, hold down the shift key, and then click on the link. A download window should appear. If data displays on your screen instead, you have done something wrong. Try again. If you don't use netscape, you will have to figure out the equivalent steps for your web browser.

Renaming file

The file that you are downloading is compressed, and has a suffix such as .Z (ie thefile.Z). You will notice that netscape will download and save the file as "thefile" stripping off the suffix (ie .Z). You must rename the file to its original name (ie rename "thefile" to "thefile.Z") or the decompression utilities will complain.

Still Fails?

If you are still unable to download, after trying everything, you can send email to