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PhD Theses

Name Title Supervisor Year
Stefanovic, Nemanja Robust Power Control of Optical Networks with Time-Delays Pavel 2010
Roszak, Bartek Linear-Time Positive Systems: Stabilization and the Servomechanism Problem Davison 2009
Pan, Yan A Game Theoretical Approach to Constrained OSNR Optimization Problems in Optical Networks Pavel 2009
Saadatpoor, Ali Timed State-Tree Structures: Supervisory Control and Fault Diagnosis Wonham 2008
Nielsen, Chris Set Stabilization Using Transverse Feedback Linearization Maggiore 2008
Feng, Lei Computationally Efficient Supervisor Design for Discrete-Event Systems - Download Wonham 2007
Khatir, Maziar On the decentralized control of a platoon of autonomous vehicles Davison 2006
Lin, Zhiyun Coupled Dynamic Systems: From Structure Towards Stability And Stabilizability Francis, Maggiore 2005
Marshall, Joshua Coordinated Autonomy: Pursuit Formations of Multivehicle Systems Broucke, Francis 2005
Su, Rong Distributed Diagnosis for Discrete-Event Systems. Wonham 2004
Ma, Chuan Nonblocking Supervisory Control of State-Tree Structures. Wonham 2004
Milman, Ruth Speedup in the Quadratic Programming Problem and Other Issues in Model Predictive Control Davison 2004
Gohari-Moghadam, Peyman Fair Supervisory Control of Discrete-Event Systems. Wonham 2002
Minhas, Rajinderjeet Singh Complexity Reduction in Discrete Event Systems. Wonham 2002
Leduc, Ryan James Hierarchical Interface-based Supervisory Control. Wonham 2002
Abdelwahed, Sherif Salah Interacting Discrete-Event Systems: Modeling, Verification, and Supervisory Control. Wonham 2002
Jahromi, O. Theory of Multirate Statistical Signal Processing Francis, Kwong 2002
Hu, Guangdi Robustness measures for linear time-invariant time-delay systems Davison 2001
Hu, G. Robustness Measures for Linear Time-Invariant Time-delay Systems Davison 2001
Ishii, H. Limited Data Rate in Control Systems with Networks Francis 2001
Ben Jemaa, Lamia Performance Limitations in the Robust Servomechanism Problem for Discrete and Sampled Data Systems Davison 2000
Aghdam, Amir G. Control of Decentralized Systems Using Switching Methods Davison 2000
Hashtrudi Zad, Shahin Fault Diagnosis in Discrete-Event and Hybrid Systems Kwong, Wonham 1999
Lynch, Alan Nonlinear Observer Synthesis and Error Linearizion Bortoff 1999
Ho, Tan-Jan The Control of Real-Time Discrete-Event Systems Subject to Predicate-Based Constraints - Abstract Wonham 1997
Langari, Alireza Sampled-Data Repetitive Control Systems - Abstract and Download Francis 1996
Lawford, Mark Model Reduction of Discrete Real-Time Systems - Abstract and Download Wonham 1996
Chen, Shu-Lin Control of Discrete-Event Systems of Vector and Mixed Structural Type - Abstract and Download Wonham 1996
Chang, Michael Adaptive Switching Control Applied to Multivariable Systems - Abstract Davison 1996
Boulet, Benoit Modeling and robust control of large flexible space structures - Abstract Francis 1995
Goldsmith, Peter Stability of hybrid position/force control applied to robots with flexible joints - Abstract Francis, Goldenberg 1995
Leung, Gary Bilateral control of teleoperators: Time delay and nonlinear robust control issues - Abstract Francis 1994
Wong, Kai Discrete-event control architecture: An algebraic approach - Abstract Wonham 1994
Brandin, B.A. Real-Time Supervisory Control of Automated Manufacturing Systems. Wonham 1992
Rudie, K. Decentralized Control of Discrete-Event Systems. Wonham 1992
Zhong, H. Hierarchical Control of Discrete-Event Systems. Wonham 1991
Thistle, J.G. Control of Infinite Behaviour of Discrete-Event Systems. Wonham 1991

M.A.Sc. Thesis

Name Title Supervisor Year
John, Tyson Set Stabilization for Systems with Lie Group Symmetry Maggiore 2010
Ganness, Marcus Reach Control on Simplices by Piecewise Affine Feedback Broucke 2010
Chang, Chia-wei Liz Lyapunov-based Stability Analysis of a One-Pump One-Signal Co-pumping Raman Amplifier Pavel 2010
Qiu, Jimmy Cough Detection and Forecasting for Radiation Treatment of Lung Cancer Alasti, Kwong 2009
Hamilton, Sarah Geometric Control of Linear Patterned Systems Broucke 2009
Goi, Hien Khen Distributed Control for Vision-Based Convoying Barfoot, Francis 2009
Hu, David Digital Fingerprinting in Digital Cinema Systems Kwong 2008
Eskandari, Payman Refinement Methods for Reach Control on a Simplex Broucke 2008
Koch, Laura Multi-Vehicle Systems as Multi-Antenna Arrays Adve, Francis 2008
Cheung, Bowie Computing Hierarchical Nonblocking Discrete-Event Systems Wonham 2008
Turriff, John Viability Kernels for Nonlinear Systems Broucke 2008
Dörler, Florian Gometric Analysis of the Formation Control Problem for Autonomous Robots Francis 2008 (Dipl.)
Cai, Kai Supervisor Localization: A Top-Down Approach to Distributed Control of Discrete-Event Systems Wonham 2008
Zhu, Quanyan An Investigation on Link Level End-to-End Power Control Models in WDM Optical Networks Pavel 2008
Dold, Johannes Digital Control of Mobile Robots in Formation Francis 2007 (Dipl.)
Fulford, Cameron Control of a High-Precision Positioning Systems Using Magnetic Levitation Maggiore 2007
Krick, Laura Application of Graph Rigidity in Formation Control of Multi-Robot Networks Broucke, Francis 2007
Langen, David Finite Dimensional Approximations to a Raman Amplifier Model Maggiore, Pavel 2007
Huang, Samuel Tien-Chieh Decentralized Diagnosers in a State-Based Framework Kwong 2007
Shokralla, Shaddy Necessary and Sufficient Conditions for Global Asymptotic Stability of Third-Order Conewise Linear Systems Broucke 2006
Ching, ShiNung Control of LTI Systems with Sudden Changes using Adaptive Control Davison 2005
Owen, Brydon Implementation of High Precision Positioning Systems Using Contactless Magnetic Levitation - Download Maggiore 2005
Fahkri, Payam Application of Polytopic Separation Techniques to Nonlinear Observer Design - Download Maggiore 2005
Stefanovic, Nem Robust L2nonlinear control of EDFA with amplified spontaneous emission - Download Pavel 2005
Lam, Simon Real Stability and Stabilizability Radii of the Multi-Link Inverted Pendulum Davison 2005
Ching, S. Control of LTI Systems with Sudden Changes using Adaptive Control Davison 2005
Nawrot, Jacek Time Optimal Control for Collision Avoidance Recovery of Two Unicycles Broucke 2005
Roszak, Bartek Necessary and Sufficient Conditions for Reachability on a Simplex Broucke 2005
Smith, Stephen Strategies for Rendezvous and Formation Stabilization of Multi-Agent Systems Broucke, Francis 2005
Fadaie, Farid A least restrictive collision avoidance controller Broucke 2004
Nielsen, Chris Maneuver Regulation, Transverse Feedback Linearization and Zero Dynamics - Download Maggiore 2004
Ping, Lin Hoberman's twiddlestix as a paradigm for Multivehicle reconfiguration Broucke 2004
Saadatpoor, Ali State-Based Control of Timed Discrete-Event Systems Using Binary Decision Diagrams. Wonham 2004
Yi, Sheng Hierarchical Supervision with Nonblocking. Wonham 2004
Bercerril, Rafael Nonlinear Control Design For a Magnetic Levitation System - Download Maggiore 2003
Levis, Mitch Nonlinear Control of A Planar Magnetic Levitation System - Download Maggiore 2003
Sum, Alfred Multi-agent reconfiguration using hybrid optimal control Broucke, Francis 2003
Bouchette, Gail Automatic synthesis of a swing-up controller for the pendulum Broucke 2003
Lidstone, Charles The Gimballed Helicopter Testbed: Design, Build, and Validation Davison 2003
Ravichandran, Vengateswaran J. Distributed Diagnosis for State-Based Discrete-Event Systems. Wonham 2002
Zhang, Z.H. Smart TCT: An Efficient Algorithm for Supervisory Control Design. Wonham 2001
Sakurai, A. Sliding Mode Control of Switched Reluctance Motors Francis, Maggiore 2001
Saad, G. Multivariable Control of Web Processes Francis 2000
Wang, Y.W. Supervisory Control of Boolean Discrete-Event Systems. Wonham 2000
Su, Rong Decentralized Fault Diagnosis for Discrete-Event Systems. Wonham 2000
Pu, K.Q. Modeling and Control of Discrete-Event Systems with Hierarchical Abstraction. Wonham 2000
Liu, Weixuan Multivariable Servomechanism Controller Design of Web-Handling Systems Davison 2000
Ma, Chuan A Computational Approach to Top-Down Hierarchical Supervisory Control of DES Wonham 1999

M.Eng Projects

Name Title Supervisor Year
Khan, Fouzia Control for Single Inductor Dual Output Converter Francis, Trescases 2010
Rajaeesani, Ali Robust Output Feedback Stabilization, Compressors Surge and Stall Example - Download Maggiore 2003
El-Hage, Wassim Control of a Hydraulic Experimental System Using the QNX Operating System Davison 2000
Askander, Ashraf 3D Simulation of a Flexible Beam Kwong 1999
Villalta, Peter Laser Light Sensor Circuit Design for Position and Attitude Determination of an Autonomous Flying Helicopter Using Laser Triangulation Bortoff 1998
Ng, Kam On A Switching Matrix LMS Algorithm: Some Theoretical and Experimental Results Kwong 1997