ECE1647F Introduction to Nonlinear Systems (Last updated November 20, 2013)


Mireille Broucke GB434A
broucke (at)

Lecture Schedule

Lecture Tuesday 3-4:30pm Wallberg WB144 Begins Sept 10
  Thursday 12:30-2pm Bahen BA3014  

Course Notes

Self-contained course notes will be available on the Blackboard course webpage, accessed through the UofT WEB PORTAL.

Course Outline

Important Dates

Title Issued Due
Homework 1 September 10 October 1
Homework 2 October 1 October 15
Homework 3 October 15 October 29
Midterm November 5 In lecture
Homework 4 October 29 November 19
Homework 5 November 19 December 17
Final Project   December 17


Grades will be based on the following components. The percentages are best estimates and may be updated.

Homework 40%
Midterm 35%
Final Project 25%

Further Reading

The following are recommended but optional references: