ECE1653 Hybrid Systems and Control Applications (Last updated November 13, 2018)

Teaching Staff

Prof. M.E. Broucke GB434A Instructor broucke at

Lecture Schedule

Day and Time Location Start Date
Monday 15-17pm BA 3014 September 10

Course Notes

Course notes will be distributed to registered students.

Course Outline

Here is a nominal timetable of lecture topics. This schedule may be updated as the semester progresses.

Date Lecture Topics
Sep 10 1 Introduction; linear temporal logic
Sep 17 2 Temporal logic control
Sep 24 3 Mathematical background; affine systems
Oct 1 4 Reach control on simplices
Oct 8   Thanksgiving
Oct 15 5 Application: adaptive cruise control
Oct 22 6 Application: bumpless transfer of robotic manipulators
Oct 29 7 Application: bumpless transfer of robotic manipulators
Nov 12 8 Reach control and continuous state feedback
Nov 19 9 Reach control and continuous state feedback
Nov 26 10 Reach control indices
Dec 3 12 Reach control and piecewise affine feedbacks
Dec 10 13 Application: quadrocopter motion planning
Dec 12 Final Project Presentations, 4-7pm

Important Dates

Title Issued Due
Homework 1 September 24 October 15
Homework 2 October 15 November 19
Homework 3 November 19 December 3
Final Project Report November 13 December 14
Final Project Presentation November 13 December 12


A project list with suggested topics will be posted in the middle of the term. Projects relating to your research area are encouraged. There are nominally three types of projects:


Homework 40%
Final Project Report 50%
Final Project Presentation 10%