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Manfredi Maggiore


Systems Control Group | Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering | University of Toronto
SCG | ECE | UofT


Note to applicants

During the academic year 2022-2023, I am not accepting any graduate students or postdocs.

Current Ph.D. Students

Luiz Dias Navarro Hybrid Virtual Constraints for Stabilization of Closed Orbits
Rein Otsason Virtual constraint generation
Emily Vukovich Virtual constraints for walking robots

Past Postdoctoral Researchers

Philip McCarthy A Noether theorem and symmetry reduction for virtual holonomic contraints with Simmetry 2019-21

Past Ph.D. Students

Ashton Roza (w/ L. Scardovi) 2019 Distributed Coordination Theory for Ground and Aerial Robot Teams
Alireza Mohammadi 2016 Virtual Holonomic Constraints for Euler-Lagrange Control Systems
Edoardo Serpelloni (w/ C. Damaren) 2016 Bang-Bang Practical Stabilization of Rigid Bodies
Mohamed I. El-Hawwary 2011 Passivity methods for the stabilization of closed sets in nonlinear control systems
Barry Rawn (w/ P. Lehn) 2009 Ensuring safe exploitation of wind turbine kinetic energy: An invariance kernel formulation.
Chris Nielsen 2008 Set stabilization using transverse feedback linearization
Zhiyun Lin (w/ B.A. Francis) 2005 Coupled Dynamic Systems: From Structure Towards Stability

Past M.A.Sc. and M.Eng. Students

Adan Moran-MacDonald 2021 Energy Injection for Mechanical Systems Through the Method of Virtual Nonholonomic Constraints
Emily Vukovich 2020 Virtual Constraint Generation for Stable Acrobot Gaits
Rein Otsason 2020 Virtual constraint generation
Joshua Lee (M.Eng.) 2018 Implementation of a Spherical Manipulator
Xingbo Wang 2016 Motion Control of a Gymnastics Robot Using Virtual Holonomic Constraints.
Catalin Arghir (M.Eng.) 2014 Virtual Holonomic Constraints for Swing-Up of the Pendubot: Experimental Results
Ashton Roza 2012 Motion control of rigid bodies in SE(3)
Dame Jankuloski 2012 Virtual Holonomic Constraints and the Synchronization of Euler-Lagrange Systems
Farid Zare Seisan 2011 Modeling and Control of a Co-Axial Helicopter
Tyson John 2010 Set Stabilization for Systems with Lie Group Symmetry
Cameron Fulford 2007 Control of a High-Precision Positioning System Using Magnetic Levitation
David Langen (w/ L. Pavel) 2007 Finite Dimensional Approximations to a Raman Amplifier Model
Payam Fakhri 2005 Application of Polytopic Separation Techniques to Nonlinear Observer Design
Brydon Owen 2005 Implementation of High-Precision Positioning Systems Using Contactless Magnetic Levitation
Barry Rawn (w/ P. Lehn) 2004 Wind Energy Conversion Systems As Power Filters: A Control Methodology
Chris Nielsen 2004 Maneuver Regulation, Transverse Feedback Linearization, and Zero Dynamics
Mitch Levis 2003 Nonlinear Control of a Planar Magnetic Levitation System
Ali Rajaeesani (M.Eng.) 2003 Robust output feedback stabilization, compressor stall and surge example
Rafael Becerril Arreola 2003 Nonlinear Control Design for a Magnetic Levitation System
Atsuhiko Sakurai (w/ B.A. Francis) 2001 Sliding Mode Control of Switched Reluctance Motors