Here I maintain (in a very loose sense of the word) an idiosyncratic list of articles, educational material, and other media which I think are interesting, useful for students, etc. Suggestions for additions to this list are much appreciated.

Videos, Seminars, Interviews

  1. Interviews with celebrated control theorists, including Brian Anderson, Murray Wonham, Stephen Morse, and Charles Desoer.

  2. Seminars from FoRcE at USF.

  3. Seminars on Low-Inertia Grids from UW workshop.

  4. Seminars on Energy Systems from DTU.

  5. Lectures on Convex Relaxation for power systems optimization.

Research and You

  1. Richard Hamming. A Stroke of Genius: Striving for Greatness in All You Do

  2. Richard Hamming. You and Your Research

  3. Uri Alon. How To Choose a Good Scientific Problem

  4. Ivan Sutherland Technology and Courage

  5. E. W. Dijkstra's Three Golden Rules for Research

  6. S. Keshav Blog with a treasure trove of advice

  7. John Baez Advice for the Young Scientist

  8. Warren Weaver Four Pieces of Advice to Young People

  9. Eric Feron How do you recognize you have a worthy PhD thesis?

  10. Eric Feron Why do a PhD?

Writing Papers and/or Mathematical Typesetting Style

  1. Aaron Hertzmann Writing Research Papers

  2. Daniel Lemire Write good papers (with slides)

  3. Joao Hespanha Writing a Control Paper

  4. Andrew D. Lewis LaTeX Do's and Dont's

  5. Bruce Francis Elements of Mathematical Style

  6. Stephen Boyd Crimes Against Matrices


  1. Nick Higham's blog