ECE 484: Digital Control Applications


I taught this course for several years at University of Waterloo, and am archiving the course material I developed here.

Material Covered

This course introduces the techniques required to analyze, design, and successfully implement digital dynamic controllers. Topics include: distinctions between continuous-time, discrete-time, and sampled-data control systems, performance issues in digital control systems, sampling, and aliasing. Modeling of dynamic systems through differential/difference equations, state-space models, and transfer functions. Identification of system data from measurements. Nonlinear systems: direct inversion of nonlinearities, equilibrium points, linearization-based control. Digital control system design: pole placement design, controller emulation methods, and direct z-domain methods. Introduction to discrete-time state-feedback and observer-based feedback design.

Course Notes

Complete course slides are available in

  • 1x1 format (pdf)

  • 2x1 format (pdf)