Group Members

Current Group Members

Former Group Members

Etinosa Ekomwenrenren PhD, 2023. (thesis)

Spencer Kelly MASc, 2022. (thesis)

Babak Abdolmaleki Visiting PhD, NTNU, 2022.

Youssef Al Falah MASc, 2022. (thesis)

Liangjie (Jeffrey) Chen MASc, 2022. (thesis)

Anurag Agarwal MASc, 2022. (thesis)

Enrique Espina Gonzalez PhD, 2021. (thesis)

Zhiyuan Tang PDF 2019-2021.

Mauricio Restrepo PDF 2018/2019.

Liam Shawn Pritchard Lawrence MASc, 2019. (thesis)

Jacqueline Llanos Visiting PhD, Universidad de Chile, Winter 2019

Juan Sebastian Gomez Quintero Visiting PhD, Universidad de Chile, Fall 2017

Jacqueline Llanos Visiting PhD, Universidad de Chile, Spring 2017.

Karthikeyan Nainar Visiting PhD, Aalborg University, Fall 2017.

Mostafa Farrokhabadi PDF 2017/2018.

Nicholas Olson URA 2019.

Audrey Avianto URA 2019.

Prospective Graduate Students: I am looking for talented and highly motivated M.Sc./P.hD. students for research projects in control and optimization of cyber-physical systems, smart power grids and/or distributed control. Please click here for more information.