Selected Publications

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Games & Optimization in Networks

  • Gadjov, Dian, and Lacra Pavel. "A passivity-based approach to Nash equilibrium seeking over networks." IEEE Transactions on Automatic Control, vol 64, no 3, pp. 1077-1092, March 2019.

  • Salehisadaghiani, Farzad, Shi, Wei and Lacra Pavel, "Distributed Nash equilibrium seeking under partial-decision information via the alternating direction method of multipliers."  Automatica, vol 103, pp. 27 - 35, 2019.
  • Yi, Peng and Lacra Pavel, "An operator splitting approach for distributed generalized Nash equilibria computation," Automatica, vol 102, pp. 111 -121, 2019.
  • Yi, Peng, and Lacra Pavel. "Distributed generalized Nash equilibria computation of monotone games via double-layer preconditioned proximal-point algorithms." IEEE Transactions on Control of Network Systems, vol 6, no 1, pp. 299-311, March 2019.

  • Salehisadaghiani, Farzad, and Lacra Pavel. "Distributed Nash equilibrium seeking in networked graphical games." Automatica, vol 87, pp. 17 - 24, 2018.

  • Pashaie, A, Pavel, L. and C. J. Damaren, "A Population Game Approach for Dynamic Resource Allocation Problems," International Journal of Control, vol 90 no. 9, pp. 1957-1972, 2017.

Optical Networks

Control & Stability Analysis