Invited Talks, Papers & Seminars

Plenary Talks

  • “On Nash’s game theory and its extension to networks, 7th IFAC Workshop on Distributed Estimation and Control in Networked Systems (NecSys18), Groningen, NE, August 2018.

Invited Talks & Papers

  • L. Pavel, “On incremental passivity in network games,” NETwork Games, COntrol and OPtimization (NETGCOOP), New York, Nov 2018.

  • Yi, P. and L. Pavel, “Asynchronous distributed algorithm for seeking generalized Nash equilibria,” European Control Conference (ECC), Cyprus, June 2018.

  • Gadjov, D. and L. Pavel, “Continuous-time Distributed Dynamics for Nash Equilibrium over Networks via a Passivity-Based Control Approach,”56th IEEE Conference on Decision and Control, Melbourne, December 2017.

  • Farzad Salehisadaghiani and L. Pavel, "Distributed Nash Equilibrium Seeking By Gossip in Games on Graphs, " 55th IEEE Conference on Decision and Control, December 2016.

  • Pashaie, A., L. Pavel and C. J. Damaren, "An Evolutionary Game Approach for Resource Allocation," Applied Mathematics, Modeling and Computational Science (AMMCS-CAIMS) Congress, Waterloo, June 2015.

  • Pavel, L., "Towards Decentralized Optimization of Dynamic Multi-Agent Networks," IMSE Summer School on Multi-Agent Networked Systems, UIUC, August, 2013.

  • Kvaternik, K., J. Llorca, D. Kilper and L. Pavel, "A decentralized scheme for optimization of a multi-agent system," 50th Allerton Conference, Allerton, Oct 2012.

  • Kvaternik, K. and L. Pavel, "A continuous-time decentralized optimization scheme with positivity constraints," 51st IEEE Conference on Decision and Control, Maui, Dec 2012.

  • Pan, Y. and L. Pavel, "Games with Coupled Propagated Constraints in General Topology Optical Networks," 1st Int. Conference on Games in Networks, Istanbul, May 2009.

  • Pan, Y. and L. Pavel, "Games with coupled propagated constraints in optical networks: the multi-link case," 46th IEEE Conference on Decision and Control, Dec 2007.

  • Pan, Y. and L. Pavel, "OSNR Optimization with Link Capacity Constraints in WDM Networks: A Cross Layer Game Approach," Optical Symposium, 4th IEEE Int. Conf. on Broadband Communications, Networks and Systems, Sept. 2007.