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Current Graduate Students

  • Dian Gadjov (Ph.D. Student)
  • Bolin Gao (Ph.D. Student)
  • Andrew Romano (Ph.D. Student)
  • Mathieu Sylvestre (M.A.Sc Student)

Former Graduate Students

  • Peng Yi (Post-doctoral Fellow, 2017)
    Current Position: Assistant Professor, Tongji University, China
  • Farzad Salehisadaghiani (Ph.D., 2017)
    Current Position: CIBC Capital Market
    Thesis Topic: "Nash Equilibrium Seeking over Networks."

  • Mohammadhosein Hasanbeig (M.A.Sc., 2016)
    Current Position: Ph.D. student, University of Oxford
    Thesis Topic: "Multi-agent Learning in Coverage Control Games."

  • Shuvomoy Das Gupta (M.A.Sc., 2016)
    Current Position: Ph.D. student, MIT
    Thesis Topic: "Optimization Models for Energy-efficient Railway Timetables."
  • Karla Kvaternik (Ph.D., 2015)
    Current Position: Post-doctoral Fellow, Princeton University
    Thesis Topic: "Decentralized Coordination Control for Dynamic Multi-agent Systems."
  • Jiachen Zhu (M.Eng. 2015)
    Thesis Topic: "Game Theoretic Methods for Femto-cell networks."

  • Yatao Wang (M.A.Sc. 2014)
    Current Position: Software Development Engineer, Amazon
    Thesis Topic: "A Modified Q-Learning Algorithm in Potential Games."
  • Dan Beauchamp (M.A.Sc. 2014)
    Current Position: Ph.D. Student, University of Southern California.
    Thesis Topic: "Lyapunov-based Boundary Control for a MIMO Counter-propagating Raman Amplifier."
  • Ashkan Pashaie (M.A.Sc. 2014) Co-supervised, with Prof. C. Damaren
    Current Position: Electrical Control Engineer, ZF TRW
    Thesis Topic: "Population Dynamics Approach for Resource Allocation Problems."
  • Mark Binette (M.A.Sc. 2013) Co-supervised, with Prof. C. Damaren
    Current Position: Aerospace Engineer, UTC Aerospace Systems
    Thesis Topic: "Nonlinear H1 Attitude Control."
  • Jimmy Tsai (M.A.Sc. 2013)
    Current Position: Software Design Engineer, Amazon
    Thesis Topic: "Stability Analysis in energy efficient optical networks."
  • Vickie Wang (M.Eng., 2012)
    Current Position: Electrical EIT, Acclaro Management Corporation 
    Thesis Topic: "Implementation of dynamic energy efficient algorithms."
  • Nem Stefanovic (M.A.Sc. 2005, Ph.D. 2010)
    Current Position: Vice President, Research and Development, Kooltra
    Thesis Topic: "Robust Power Control of Optical Networks with Time-Delays."
  • Liz Chang (M.A.Sc. 2010)
    Current Position: Software Development Engineer at Microsoft
    Thesis Topic: "Lyapunov-based Stability Control for Raman Amplifiers."
  • Scott Kuntze (Ph.D. 2009)  Co-supervised, with Prof. S. Aitchison
    Current Position: Advanced Optics Hardware Engineer at Ciena
    Thesis Topic: "Advanced Modeling & Control for Semiconductor Optical Amplifiers."
  • Yan Pan (Ph.D. 2009)
    Current Position: Member of Technical Staff, Alcatel-Lucent
    Thesis Topic: "Game-theory Algorithms in Optical Networks."
  • Quanyan Zhu (M.A.Sc. 2008)
    Current Position: Assistant Professor, New York University
    Thesis Topic: "Pricing in Games on Optical Networks."
  • Adnan Akhtar (Ph.D. 2008)
    Current Position:  Fiber-optic Transmission Engineer, TE Subsea Communications
    Thesis Topic: "Analytic Modeling of Four-Wave-Mixing in WDM Optical links."
  • David Langen (M.A.Sc. 2007) Co-supervised, with Prof. M. Maggiore
    Thesis Topic: "Finite dimensional modeling for Raman Amplifiers."