Handouts for ECE1659H: Robust and Optimal Control (Winter 2023)

Course Notes

Complete course slides are available in

  • 1x1 format (pdf)

  • 2x1 format (pdf)


There will be four homework assignments. Assignments are to be completed in groups of two, and will be graded at a graduate level for completeness, correctness, and clarity of presentation. You can form your group of two via Quercus. Please also submit your completed assignments via Quercus.

Assigned Due Solutions
Assignment 1 (pdf) Jan 10 Jan 31 (pdf)
Assignment 2 (pdf) Jan 31 Feb 28 (pdf)
Assignment 3 (pdf) Feb 28 Mar 21 (pdf)
Assignment 4 (pdf) Mar 21 Apr 11 (pdf)


The course project is described in detail in the following handout. The project is not prescriptive; it should be engaging, self-directed learning. You should therefore invest some significant time into finding a topic that excites you. You could apply the ideas in the course to your own research, explore an advanced topic or research paper that you want to understand, or find an exciting application or case study in which to apply the course methods.